The LETO Method is all about identifying your goals and prescribing you a progressive and tailored program to achieve them.

We want you graduate from The LETO Method so you can go out and do what it is you love, safely and with confidence and pride in your body.

  • The LETO Method includes a combination of specialist pelvic health physiotherapy, 1:1 reformer Pilates sessions, postnatal reformer Pilates classes as well as progressive pelvic floor and home exercise programmes. All components of the LETO Method are taken by our specialist physiotherapy team.
  • Each stage of The LETO Method will challenge you. The exercises prescribed and completed within The LETO Method are completely tailored to you and your goals.
  • To ensure you are ready to progress, our pelvic physiotherapists will assess you at regular intervals to allow you to qualify to the next stage of The LETO Method. Pelvic floor strength, pelvic floor endurance, pelvic floor function and fascial integrity will be used as the markers to determine if you are ready to progress.